Reportage on TV Gazeta Exotica Pergaminho

Reportage TV Gazeta, affiliated REDE GLOBO, shows the factory parchment Single of Espírito Santo and one of the few in Brazil.

You may have heard of Pergaminho. It’s that stuff made of animal skin to write important documents and works much used in Western antiquity, especially in the middle ages until the discovery of the paper.

Now you know one of the few factories of parchment Brazil, is here in the southern state (ES)? That’s right. Is in Piúma-ES, and the reporter Aline Souza (ESTV) was there for us and shows that curiosity.

The Century is 21, but the factory is specialized in producing a material that has been used for important documents and articles – The Pergaminho. Of Greek origin came into this life as a business entrepreneur. Today turned passion:

The Pergaminho is a passion; Parchment is a material that give us pleasure, and gives pride too. Knowing that has parchment in the world out there in books, rebuilding furniture and more. “Pedro Augusto”

Peles de cabra para Produção de PergaminhoThe raw material comes from animals such as goats and sheep leather. Gets brought up here in the northeast. The process is long to reach this form. It is necessary to remove the leather. After all is not that the skin is discarded. Only after almost 100 days, the skin is washed and dried. Already with the leather not otherwise takes to turn parchment. Process that passes through the hands of Jailton:

My work has been very productive and very good. Inclusive outside the country until we have achieved satisfactory results. “employee Jailton”

Until now the process is the same. Finished drying the scrolls come to this table. Here the separation is made. Whites are used for diplomas, they go to another process to the court. Have colored are ready for the mobile market. They will be separated and packaged.

The company installed on Piuma 16 years ago is one of the few in the country. Today she takes the name of the Espírito Santo to the outside, for binding, restoration and upholstery. If you use very natural for wall cladding, screens, lampshade tubs and more. There are more segments that can be used. The colorful that are specific colors that decorators and designers choose and we come here to prepare and dye according to their need.

The parchments produced in Piuma and sold abroad, and they will primarily to Europe..

Parchment name recalls the Greek city of Pergamon in Asia Minor, where it is believed to have been the origin of parchment.

Source: Reportage of 1º edition ESTV noticiary  – TV GAZETA

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