The Company

Established for over fifteen years, in the city of Piuma – ES – Brazil, Exótica Pergaminho Couros e Peles Ltda, has established itself as the leading manufacturer and supplier of legitimate parchment, prepared from animal skins.

Hsitória Empresa Exótica Pergaminho

The short company’s history does not reflect the knowledge of the importance it holds in the scenario of the Americas, both the quality of its parchments, both for its commitment to rescue and keep alive (partially) an ancient culture of origin.

Throughout its existence, Exotica Pergaminho has worked hard for his production fits the needs of modern control the environmental impact of its production. Besides employing only skins resulting from use of the slaughter of domestic animals (goat, sheep and calves), the inputs used are not harmful to the environment (classified as bio-degradable).

Tannery in Piuma - Exotica Parchment

Mr. Pedro Augusto manipulating white parchments

Initially, the company designed its production exclusively to the graphic brazilian specialized in printing of university diplomas and certificates and honorary titles, a sector which we become established permanently, not only by the quality of oour product, but ultimately, the seriousness and care taken in serving a customer, hostage low level of professionalism of the supplier then pre-existing.

As we consolidated our position in this segment, the company began to show some types of parchment then processed for the export market.

Pedro Augusto and Mr. Z. Henk de Groot

Pedro Augusto and Mr. Z. Henk de Groot

Only after the Mr. Z. Henk de Groot interests(Dutch scholar of history and the manner of preparation of parchment in the Middle Ages – see , that became our principal adviser and distributor in Europe, was that the company started to introduce procedures which enabled it to obtain a scroll of natural goatskin high quality, targeted towards bookbinding and restoration, and later also used by the segment of architecture and interior designers (panel).

More recently, following a trend that was already observable in Europe, the company began to offer these colorful parchments, in colors desired by customers.

Mr. Pedro Augusto in Le Cuir a Paris 2009

Mr. Pedro Augusto in Le Cuir a Paris 2009

In his first participation in LE CUIR A PARIS within the event of market trends, known as “Une Vision Pluriel,” the Exoticapergaminho, won prominence as the only stand dedicated exclusively to the parchment (see press release site of Le Cuir Paris, September 2009). On occasion we receive requests from designers of the most important griffes very known in the world.

Certainly, one can say that the interest aroused by these professionals, who always go in search of novelty and high quality products, took the direction of LE CUIR A PARIS, reserve a special space for the parchment in it´s next edition of 14-16 September, 2010.

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